Design. Manufacture. Market. Race.

We are the University of Minnesota Student Chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

Each year, we design and build two vehicles, one Internal Combustion and one Electric, to compete in the global Formula SAE Series.
The competition goal is to design, manufacture, market, and race an open-wheel,
open-cockpit, and single-seat vehicle marketable to the weekend autocrosser.


Formula SAE

An international collegiate design competition sanctioned by the
Society of Automotive Engineers

In Formula SAE students develop and build an open-wheeled,
open cockpit race car. In addition to being scored on their vehicle performance,
teams are also scored on their business logic and engineering competency.

After graduation, Formula SAE students are sought out for their passion
and attention to detail in developing highly-engineered,
high-performance products. Being a part of Gopher Motorsports
means developing life-long skills!


Join Gopher Motosports

Be a part of the best Formula SAE team in Minnesota, ranked as one of the top 10 in the nation

Gopher Motorsports is one large team made up of many subteams that provide a place for
students pursuing any major! Whether you are a mechanical engineer, a finance major,
a computer scientist, or any major you can think of, there are dozens of ways you
can contribute to the team.


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