Development and Operations Subteam

The Development Operations subteam, also known as DevOps, handles all the higher-level software development for the team. We are responsible for the development of web apps to support team functions, hosting our own server in the cloud, managing and upkeep of all applications and server functions, continuous integration & continuous deployment pipelines, telemetry software, and all other non-embedded software for the team. The majority of DevOps work revolves around the world of software architecture, design, development, and deployment. At DevOps you may find yourself designing and developing custom software using languages and tools such as Python, HTML, JS, CSS, Docker, Bash Scripting, Cloud infrastructure, Database Design, and many more. Although the majority of our members are computer science majors, we welcome anyone interested in getting some real-world hands-on experience in programming, regardless of experience levels.

Nirbhay Vig

DevOps Lead