2020 Team

Jack Erickson


Tyler Glick

Aerodynamics Lead

James Wenzel

Ergonomics and Controls Lead

Ryan Dunk

Chief Engineer

Henry O'Callaghan

Electrical Lead

Jacob Storrs

Frame and Suspension Lead


Nathan Goldman

Project Manager

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Mica Johnson

Engine and Drivetrain Lead



PresidentKristen Spurlock

Chief Engineer: Jack Goodsell

Project Manager: Rose Slater

Chief Financial Officer: Jack Erickson

External Relations Officer: Diana Sorenson

Electrical Lead: Jeremiah Lilland

Ergonomics Lead: James Wenzel

Race Engineer: Ryan Dunk

Vehicle Dynamics Lead: Brian Kennedy


PresidentJack Goodsell

Chief Engineer: Nick Morse

Project Manager: James Jagodinski

Aerodynamics Lead: Lucas Vanyo

Electrical Lead: Rose Slater

Engine & Drivetrain Lead: Nate Westlund

Frame & Suspension Lead: Andy Schultze


President: Corey Dolan

Chief Engineer: Nick Davis

Project Manager: Brad Strandberg

Aerodynamics Lead: Stephen Link

Business Lead: Diana Sorenson

Electrical Lead: Austin Esau

Engine and Drivetrain Lead: Philip Mastley

Ergonomics and Controls Lead: Quang-Chau Truong

Frame and Suspension Lead: James Jagodinski


111 Church St SE

Minneapolis, MN 55455

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